Our Projects

Christmas Tree Project picture

Our Christmas Tree Project is our joy, We collect donations where we decorate a destinated area and set up a Christmas Tree and make up Christmas pre…

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Underprivileged Citizens picture

Life is not always as easy as we think, Families sleep without having any food available and with the unemployment rate is hard to make a decent meal…

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Hospital New Born Babies picture

From time to time we do get donations for baby clothing, We then visit our local hospitals and donate those clothing to the mother so she dont have t…

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Our Needed Donations picture

Today we stand with our hands in our hats, We are in desperate need of donations, Our donations spenses are  empty and we urgently ask assistanc…

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Anti-Bully Campaign picture

During your educational year from Grade RR to Matriculation where your attention and decisions will play a role, We all know of a bully trying to bre…

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Wheel Chair Project picture

Our Wheel Chair Project has been taken in place due to the amount of people we see that struggle to get from A to Z with disabilities, So we did our …

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School Stationary & Clothing Project picture

There is a big need for stationary for school learners and we are trying our best to put a smile on the learner faces by getting donations for them t…

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Funeral & Medical Expenses Project picture

Its sadden to bury your family member and worse it how to do that if there is no funds available

Our team had this experience before and we will help …

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Lunch Box Project picture

Working or Going to school and work and not being able to have a lunchbox is not healthy and pleasant 

Our Lunchbox Project is here to help the U…

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Covid19 Food Parcel project picture

Because of the Covid19 and the lock-down in South Africa 1000's of people were left without jobs and any income - due to the lost of income and jobs …

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