Medical Fundraising for little girl of 12yrs

Oct 26, 2020
Medical fundraising for little girl of 12yrs picture

Medical Fundraiser

Touch of Helping Grace NPC is a registered NPC representing the less Fortunate with Medical expenses and other needs. We need funds to cover the following expenses for Medical Expenses for a little girl of 12 Years old.

Chardone van Greunen is a 12years old daughter who had chronic nose bleeds since the age of 4years. After many years of tests and doctors with no results at all none of the 8 doctors over the years could identify the problem. Chardone were taking to a private ear nose and throat specialist in hope to get some answers. The specialist found that there were and unknown object in her left nostril and that the object could not be extracted in the office of a doctor and needs to be extracted via surgery. Unfortunately the family doesn’t have a medical aid so the surgery needs to be paid cash. Financial it’s impossible and difficult for the family to handle the cost. This Object needs to be removed because of a lot of uncontrollable bone growth and misformed of her left eye. Chardone do deserved the opportunity to enjoy a kid’s life without being bullied about the odour and not have to worry about the bleeding nose all the time. Please help this daughter to build a better life.


The follow expenses need to be coved:

1.       Private Care / Hospital / Doctors / Surgery

·         The ENT Spesialist

·         Pre Covid 19 Test

·         For Hospital

·         For Aneasthesiologists

Total Cost of R13100


Banking Details

Touch of Helping Grace NPO
Rek no : 62832512249

Check Acc

Ref CvG01

Hester Nieman 

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