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Christmas Tree Project picture

Our Christmas Tree Project is our joy, We collect donations where we decorate a destinated area and set up a Christmas Tree and make up Christmas pre…

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Underprivileged Citizens picture

Life is not always as easy as we think, Families sleep without having any food available and with the unemployment rate is hard to make a decent meal…

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Hospital New Born Babies picture

From time to time we do get donations for baby clothing, We then visit our local hospitals and donate those clothing to the mother so she dont have t…

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Our Needed Donations picture

Today we stand with our hands in our hats, We are in desperate need of donations, Our donations spenses are  empty and we urgently ask assistanc…

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Anti-Bully Campaign picture

During your educational year from Grade RR to Matriculation where your attention and decisions will play a role, We all know of a bully trying to bre…

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Wheel Chair Project picture

Our Wheel Chair Project has been taken in place due to the amount of people we see that struggle to get from A to Z with disabilities, So we did our …

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Donations picture

Donations (change a life)

We always welcome donations, thanks a lot for your support!

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Medical Fundraising for little girl of 12yrs picture

Medical Fundraiser

Touch of Helping Grace NPC is a registered NPC representing the less Fortunate with Medical expenses and other needs. We need funds…

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Covid19 projek

Oct 5, 2020

Covid19 kos pakkie projek 

Ons is Baie Baie opgewonde om aan te kondig dat ons Covid19 kos pakkie projek se syfers gedaal het. 

Aan did begin…

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Kersboom projek 2020 picture

Kersboom projek 2020

Oct 5, 2020

Kersboom projek 2020

As gevolg van die Covid19 sal ons ongelukkig nie ons kersboom projek soos elke Ander jaar spandeer nie, maar niks keer ons om nog…

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Anon picture


Anon picture


Anon picture



Our Touch of Helping Grace is fully registered as a NPC and we strive to help our community who needs it, Our team always busy on the go to help the community with anything needed from Clothing to Food and Stationary and our yearly Christmas Tree.

We believe in our community and we are trying our ou…

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Hester Nieman picture

Hester Nieman

Director / CEO / Founder

Hester is the Founder and Director of this NPC

Hester has been so faithful and caring that she decided to help the community and make a change in her …

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Hennie Yeates picture

Hennie Yeates

Director & Vice-Chairman

Hennie our Vice Chairman stood by us since the beginning when there was any emergency he would assist.

Hennie is our protector and always giving his a…

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Petro De Beer picture

Petro De Beer

Town Representer

Tannie Petro got involved with our organization just after her daughter passed away, her daughter was our secretary and after her sudden passing tann…

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Anja Ellis picture

Anja Ellis

Donations & Assistance

Anja started with donations and in 2019 anja joined our team and is active, When we need hands she is the lady to talk to she knows what she can do and do not stop until its completed 

Kotie Loots picture

Kotie Loots

Volunteer Assistant

Kotie is our assistant who want to help others, Kotie is also part of the Cansa team in Mokopane and well respected in the area with her status as sh…

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Mari Bezuidenhout picture

Mari Bezuidenhout

Vice Principal at Rising Stars Academy & Photographer

Mari started to volunteer with us and she provide excellent pictures during our projects and do this on her own costs to our organization. 

Dina Koegelenberg picture

Dina Koegelenberg

Treasurer & Director

Dina approached our team as we helped her with her suster in law's funeral with sponsorship, Dina has a heart of Diamonds and Dina cared for her pare…

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Sonet Nieman picture

Sonet Nieman


Sonet and her brother Herman is our 2 Volunteers, Sonet follow her mothers foot steps by helping where possible 

Sonet and her brother always hel…

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Herman Nieman picture

Herman Nieman


Herman is our teams volunteer who take our hands and make things happen when needed himself and his sister sonet make people see true team workmanshi…

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Address: Mokopane Limpopo

Phone: 078 654 4748

Whatsapp: 078 654 4748

Email: [email protected]

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